Jacqueline tonight :)


Jacqueline tonight :)

Anonymous asked: shonas not on instagram.

Yes she is :)

Anonymous asked: The fake insta bywaterhetti_ is still up please help!

I’ve reported it, it’s just one of those things I think :( There are so many fakes!

Anonymous asked: jacq and danielle are like the only ones who mix up the colours of what they wear to events

Wait and see for the BSA’s ;)

The #WalfordWillChangeForever trailer airs straight after Friday’s episode!

Anonymous asked: Bet jacq's never had a bad fan experience...

Hmm I’m sure I’ve seen some but usually it’s just that she’s quiet/tired/not chatty/in a rush etc rather than being “bad/rude” if that makes sense. idk.

Ask me a question | ask.fm/SimplyReBECca

People have been asking me questions about Elstree/Shona/what I think about things, and I’ve been ansqweing them privately but feel free to ask me on ask.fm instead :)

That way I won’t clog up your feeds! I always worry haha.

I don’t want Abi and Jay to split, as it’s always been the two of them. Sometimes I get too involved. We were filming a scene the other day where Jay had to turn his back on Abi and talk to Lola and even I thought, ‘What are you doing? Stop it!’

Lorna’s interview.

When I heard that Lucy was going to be killed, I went straight up to Hetti and was just like ‘What?!’. Hetti was pretty happy and excited about the future, and the storyline will be great.

Shona’s recent interview.